About the project

Elspero offers solutions to the global problem associated with cryptocurrency, namely, integrating it into the usual used of people as fiat money. At the moment, more than 2000 thousand coins have been created that are alive thanks to their technology and holders who believe that it will be used in everyday life by humans.


  • 1. The coin is launched from scratch, which makes it less difficult to legalize
  • 2. We offer solutions to the problem, namely the integration of cryptocurrency into ordinary life.
  • 3. The Elspero coin is a monetary tool that is used in the Elspero Pay payment system it is easy to used for a regular user and reliable.
  • 4. An exclusive solution and which has no analogues to our product ESR Pay

Technical specifications
Ticker ESR
Pre-mine 0%
Algorithm POW, Scrypt
Supply 31,000,000
Block time 5 min
P2P Port 31755
RPC Port 31756

Elspero Pay payment system

As in life, people work and get paid, so in order to receive coins, ESR needs activity on the part of whose participants want to receive coins. This is software that makes it easy for your prostate to make transactions on the Elspero Network. Namely, the participants of the CoinPoint, TeeGO, and FAJO projects receive coins for their activities and activities. They are given the opportunity to receive a discount of 5% on the amount of the check purchased from our partners. Often these are representatives of small businesses, for example: a coffee shop, a pastry shop, a pizzeria, over time, with the increase in Elspero Pay users, there will also be cooperation with giants.

For the project to work fully, ESR Pay will be created so far three for projects:

  1. - CoinPoint
  2. - TeeGO
  3. - FAJO

CoinPoint Project

This project will award students and schoolchildren. When receiving marks in educational institutions, they can exchange them for coins and spend them on themselves in the shops / facilities of our partners, receiving a 5% discount on a product or service. For each assessment system, a table will be drawn up with the relevant requirements for obtaining a coin. After completing the form for receiving coins on the website, the application is processed and will be approved or rejected by the administrator within 24 hours.

Audience (16-20 years old)

TeeGO project

People who lead an active lifestyle will reward. Running or cycling for 1 km will earn 1 ESR

Audience (16-35 years old)

FAJO project

A platform on which a student / teenager can earn money by completing tasks from customers (payment by coin). For example, cleaning the apartment, walking with a dog.

Audience (16-25 years old)

Project roadmap:

Q1 2019

  • 1. Announcement of the project
  • 2. Search for pools and listing coins for exchange
  • 3. Starting ESR pay development

Q2 2019

  • 1. Testing and launching ESR pay
  • 2. Search for partners and users
  • 3. Scaling ESR pay

Q4 2019

  • 1. TeGO Development
  • 2. Test and release of TeGO

Q3 2019

  • 1. Development of the FAJO
  • 2. Test and release FAJO